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we're moved in

Sunday, April 27, 2008

We moved into our new house last weekend and we've had a week full of unpacking boxes and taking many trips to Home Depot. We both feel like there's so much more room than we're used to--we have a choice of which room to hang out in. We love our new house and the neighborhood. It's very quiet and the neighbors we've met are very nice. There's a large park just down the road that we've run to a few times to play soccer and watch the neighborhood kids play soccer. Andy Williams (player on Real Salt Lake) coaches a neighborhood team and we got to spy on the drills he was running with his kids. We've really enjoyed our first week in our new house.

great weekend

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another great weekend has come to an end. We had a great two days enjoying the warmer weather and the sunshine. We took a drive out to Saratoga Springs to check out a washer and dryer we are thinking of buying from a guy off KSL. It was quite a drive out there, but the area is beautiful with fantastic views of the Utah lake. We went out to dinner and then saw Leatherheads. We didn't think it was too great--I think you have to be from an older generation to enjoy it because my dad really liked it. It turns out that KSL classifieds has many great deals. We found three lift tickets to Park City for $100.00 so my dad, Chelsea, and I spent Saturday on the slopes. It was the greatest day of Spring skiing ever!! The snow was perfect and it wasn't too hot or too cold. Despite my two layers of sunblock though, my face got lots of sun. It was a great day. After skiing we took a short bikeride up to the neighbors with Riki, Erin, and Lily to see the horses and to feed them apples. I rode Maryanne's old school bike that has no gears and foot brakes. My legs were burning after riding up our short hill, but I made it. We finished out the night at the Real game where they slaughtered DC United 4-0. The team played great and were very enjoyable to watch. Hopefully this is the start of some good things for the team. It's been a long road of losses, but it's always fun just to be out enjoying the sunshine, or in our case Saturday night, the cold and wind. We went to our new ward again today and were entertained during Sacrament Meeting as we watched kid after kid try to escape from their parents into the hallway. Many were successful--we were routing for the kids. We met a few new people including some of our neighbors. There's a big mix of old and young families, which will make the ward really great. We found out the ward was organized a little over a month ago so almost everyone's new to each other. They are having the first ward activity this Saturday--we're moving in at just the right time. And finally... we are closing on our house tomorrow morning and only one week later than expected--ugh! Oh well. Underwriting lines are long everywhere, which is the reason for our delay. We're not ready to pull our hair out yet, but we can hardly walk around our house because of all the boxes. Soon enough we'll be moved in enjoying tons of space and a two-car garage. What could be better?