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2010 Winter 30K Series

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I decided to join two of my friends who are running in the 2010 Winter 30K Series. It consists of three races run at Saltair the first being a 5K, then a 10K, and finishing off with a 15K each two weeks apart. The 5K was on Saturday, January 30 and it was a fun race. I hadn't run since my half marathon because I bruised my foot and was working on breaking in some new shoes so I was a little unsure how I would do. It was a cold, windy morning, but I felt good throughout the run and had a fun race.

St. George Half Marathon

A bunch of girls in my neighborhood decided to head down to St. George for the 2010 Half Marathon and 5k. There were 12 of us total who ran in the races--four of us ran the half and the others ran the 5k. When we were planning the trip, a couple husbands were thinking about going, but in the end, Omai was the only one who made the trip down. He was a really good sport about it. At one point all the girls were making plans about going to get a bite to eat and I asked him what he wanted to do. He said he didn't want to go out with all the girls so he would just hang with the other husbands. I panicked for a moment trying to recall the conversation I'm sure we had had when I told him he was the only guy going. He just laughed and said he would go get pizza and wait for all us girls to have our fun together.

Omai couldn't get off work until about 4:00 so we hit the road as soon as we could. There were a lot of warnings about bad weather so we decided to borrow my dad's car so we would have 4WD and enough room for all our baby gear. I was also envisioning the worst case scenario so I packed our sleeping bags and winter gear in case we were stranded on the side of the road for the night. Luckily, all that stuff just took up space for the trip and we didn't have to use it.

The snow wasn't too bad, but we hit a bad patch in Cedar City that didn't cause us too much grief. We rolled into sunny St. George around 9:30 PM and took another half hour trying to find our friend's house where we were staying. We unloaded the car and thought Bailey would for sure want to just eat and go to sleep, but because she had taken a late nap, she was wide awake and ready to play. Actually, I think hyper is more the word to describe it if a 9-month old can be hyper. She was dancing and singing and having the time of her life.

We crashed about 11:30 and woke up just in time to get all ready for the race. One of my friends who had come down with us had forgotten her running shoes, which we had picked up from her house before we left town so we hurried to meet up with her. The girls had also picked up my packet the day before with my number and timing sensor so we were anxious to find each other. About 10 minutes before the race I asked them if they had my number and they realized they had forgotten it in the other car that was headed somewhere else. One of my friends worked frantically to track down someone who could bring it to me, but in the meantime the race had started. So everyone was off to the races except me. My friend who had my packet showed up and I got all my gear on and I was off. It was kind of weird to start all alone, but then I realized it was kind of nice because I could see Omai and Bailey clearly and I passed a ton of people, which always feels good in a race, right :).

Me and Bailey before the race.

During the race Omai tried to meet up with me a few times rather than just waiting at the finish line for me, but it just wasn't happening for us. When I was approaching mile 4 he called me and asked where I was because he was waiting to cheer me on at mile 3. Then he went to mile 7 to cheer me on and called to find out where I was while I passed the 8-mile marker. We still hadn't seen each other when he called me at mile 11. But by this time he was on the other side of a big hill and couldn't get to me in time before I crossed the finish line. I was kind of emotional because I was way tired and I just wanted to see him, but he was on the other side of St. George. Oh boy! About ten minutes after I finished we finally found each other! Phew. We'll plan that better next time. Maybe I'll wear some kind of honing device or something.

Omai tried so hard to find me. I looked at my phone after and realized he had called 11 times during the race and one of the photographers got one of those moments on film. hehe. Oh how I love you Omai!

My and Bailey after the race, red face and all.

I ran the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon back in 2006 and my time was 2:00:20 so I was hoping for a similar time in St. George, but I was a little over at 2:03. I was pleased with my time and was actually excited for my next race. After I ran the Bryce Canyon race, I didn't run again for about a year because I was so burned out. I'm now training for the 2010 Riverton Half Marathon.

Bailey Skis

I took Bailey skiing for the first time on what I thought would be a warm sunny day to Alta for Ski Free After 3. I should've known better than to expect that in the middle of January. I think Bailey started to get car sick on the ride up the canyon--heck, I started to get sick and I was driving. Little Cottonwood is a doosy. Anyway, we made it up to the resort all in one piece and got all ready to go. It had been raining in Riverton so I thought Bailey would be fine in her little snow suit and she was, until we got half way up the lift. I had put her in a harness facing me and I tried my best to shield her from the wind, but it was blowing hard and it was bitter cold. I hadn't put my gloves on because I wanted them free so I could take care of Bailey. Good thing Tyra came up right behind me when we got off the lift because I couldn't feel my fingers. I've had some cold ski days, but my hands have never felt like that before. She had to help me get my gloves on because I couldn't feel anything.

Once my hands were warm and I could function again, we headed off down the mountain. Bailey, I think, was having fun because she was kicking her feet and bobbing her head like she does when she's happy. The first run down was great and my neices and nephews did a great job. We decided we could do one more run, so up we went on the lift and I think Bailey was done by then. Her little nose was running and she was wimpering most of the way down. I thought she was just uncomfortable in the harness, which she probably was, but we hurried down anyway.

By this time, Bailey was having no fun at all so I rushed down to the parking lot. I decided to save some time and ski through the parking lot trying not to think about the damage I was inflicting on my $600 skis. Bailey was just hanging there and crying like she was the most tired she had ever been. We made it to the car and I hurried to get Bailey undressed. She was so miserable as I tried to take her snow suit off and I found her little hands and feet were freezing. I turned the car on to get it warmed up and fed her while she thawed out. I had not put nearly enough clothes on her and she was freezing, the poor thing. Next time I have it all planned out how I'm going to keep her warm so she was won't freeze to death. Or maybe I'll just leave her with her Nana and wait until next year to attempt skiing with her again.

Nickie and Bailey

Licy all bundled up and ready to hit the slopes.

This was the start of our second run down the hill and by this time Bailey was done.

New Year's Eve

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We did something a little different for New Year's Eve this year... we showed off our talents. Well, actually, in our family we don't really have talents that can be shown off so instead we just entertainted eachother with a lip-syncing contest. We borrowed Keri's kareoke machine to get warmed up and then we were off.

In order of appearance we have Bailey.

Then Licy does her dance routine.

Then we have the Big & Chunky's.

Next on stage is the Respecters.

And to finish the night off we have The Red Trio.

Thanks everyone for a fun night. Next year, same time, same place, same talent.

Hot Air Balloons

We've been trying to do better with having FHE so we planned out about three months of activities so it would be easier for us when Monday evening rolled around. One of our first activities was homemade hot air balloons. Keri is the expert on making them so she came out and taught us all how to do it. We had enough supplies for four balloons so we only had a handful of chances to make it work. It was tough to get all the candles lit without them burning holes in the plastic bag. We failed on the first three attempts, but the fourth time did the trick.

When the balloon finally took off, we were worried it worked a little too well because it took off down the street and drifted really high into the sky. I envisioned it landing on a nearby roof and starting the house on fire. Omai has good aim so I'm confident he could've taken it out with a snowball before it came to that. Fortunately it just drifted down the street and went out without making contact with anything.

Lighting the candles. It took all of us to make it work.

Aunt Keri and Bailey

Licy. It was way cold that night. It was perfect conditions for hot air balloons, but a little nippy for the nose.

Chris, Colley, and Licy.


Chris and Licy.

Me and Keri.

Paige, Chelsea, and me.
Papa, Omai, and Bailey.

Chris, Chelsea, and Licy.

Check out some videos of our attempts and the fourth and final successful balloon.

Thanks everybody for a fun night!

Bailey's Christmas Dress

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Stake held a clothing and toy swap after the Relief Society broadcast in the fall and I got a heck of a steal on a little dress that fit Bailey perfectly for Christmas. She looks so cute in it.

Bailey's 1st Christmas

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My mom always worked so hard to make Christmas so spectacular every year, but sorry mom, this year was by far the best ever! Bailey woke up her usual smiling, giggling self in her adorable Christmas jammies. After Omai and I took turns setting out each other's stocking we brought Bailey down to open presents. We took turns helping Bailey open her presents and contrary to what we suspected, she loved her presents a little more than the wrapping paper and ribbons. It felt like we opened presents all day, but it was fun and we enjoyed every moment. Grammy came over in the afternoon after Bailey had her nap and was in the mood for playing. Bailey also opened her stocking where she found a rockin blue Buzz Lightyear cell phone amoung other things, but I think that was her favorite. She would of course rather play with a real phone, but that'll have to wait til she's 25 or married.

After all the presents were opened at our house, we headed to pick G.G. up to go to Grandpa's house for dinner and to exchange gifts. I think all the kids were on gift-overload as well as sugar highs. There was wrapping paper and candy wrappers strewn all over the place.

Christmas has brought on a whole new meaning to me with Bailey being a part of our family now. I look forward to many more in years to come.