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3 - 6 Months

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bailey wore her first 3 - 6 month outfit today and boy did she look cute! We only have about two outfits that fit her now so I went to Carter's to exchange some of the clothes we received during showers for summer clothes that will fit her now. She's going to be looking great all week. Little girls are so fun!

Father's Day, 2-Year Anniversary, and My Birthday

We've had a great week celebrating Father's Day, our 2-year anniversary, and my birthday. It was Omai's first Father's Day obviously and I wanted to get him something special. I bought an awesome photobook from my friend Emilie and printed a bunch of pictures of Bailey to put in it. Here are a few of the pictures (and the book). I think he really liked it. Okay, I probably liked it better than he did, but it was way fun to make.

For my birthday we went to the Cheesecake Factory and boy was it gooood. I think my favorite food of all time is their Avocado Egg rolls. I'm trying to convince Omai to go back to school to study Culinary Arts so he can make me Avocado Egg rolls whenever I want them. I don't think he's convinced yet, but I won't be deterred.

After enjoying delicious cheesecake we headed up north to Bountiful so my mom could watch Bailey while we went to a movie--the first since Bailey was born. We saw "Year One", but we weren't too impressed. I wouldn't recommend it even if you get it for $1 at Redbox. I did enjoy the Sour patch Watermelon candy I got though so that was fantastic.

When we got back to my mom's we found Bailey in good spirits as always and with a new outfit on as she had spit up all over her clothes. She must like wearing many different outfits during the day because she either blows out her diaper or spits up all her food making a change of clothes necessary. If I had that many clothes I looked adorable in I might do the same thing too.

Omai was back to work Tuesday even though it was our anniversary. It was kind of a bummer, but I'm hoping next year will be the year we can enjoy our anniversary on the actual day. Last year it took us a week to get work off to celebrate. Oh well. Bailey and I went to lunch with my girlfriends to Paradise Bakery and got some cookies to take to Omai for an anniversary surprise and boy were they good. Omai says Paradise Bakery is a girly restaurant and refuses to eat there, but I didn't hear him complaining as he enjoyed those delicious cookies. But who can complain when it comes to eating sugar?...