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Omai's 32nd Birthday

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Omai turned 32 on Saturday and to celebrate he a couple parties throughout the week. The first party was last Saturday at his parents for our monthly get-together. We had fantastic chicken crepes and his mom made an incredible pumpkin cheesecake that we enjoyed throughout the week. We probably shouldn't of, but you only have a birthday once a year right...
In addition to the family party at his parents, I planned a surprise party for him at our house. It was a week full of secretive planning and frankly some lying to pull it off. I hid the supplies around the house including my car trunk hoping that Omai wouldn't go snooping. I engaged his sister Keri to get him out of the house for a couple hours while I set everything up and waited for his friends to arrive. Omai pulled into the garage, we turned out the lights and in he walked to the house full of balloons, crete paper, noise makers, and friends.

The rest of the evening was filled with stories about Omai and his friends throughout the years. My favorites included the basketball game brawl, "Get off the internet", and the "okay" sign after he and Zane avoided the hood of a car that was lying in the middle of the road. If any of those stories peak your curiousity, spend an evening with Omai and he can tell you all of them. You won't be disappointed.

Well, I thought the surprise party was successful (as far as it being a surprise to Omai), but he later told me through his amazing detective work (and me leaving the evite open on my computer) that he knew all about it. He told me later I almost threw him off by saying I had something planned for him later in the evening, but nope--Omai's too smart.

We had a great time and thank you to everyone who helped make it a success. I had a great time planning it and was so pleased that Omai had so much fun. He said it was one of the best birthdays he's had. Yea!

For the third party of Omai's birthday celebration my mom, Tyra, Taygen, and Jaxon came over for cake and Clementines. I had bought a helium tank for Omai's surprise party and Jaxon spent almost an hour sword fighting almost every balloon in the house--there were about 45 balloons in all. The Clementines came in when Jaxon scarfed down two of them that Omai had pealed for himself as though he hadn't eaten all day--I don't think he had.
Happy Birthday Omai. I love you!!

Gooooooo Brighton!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Brighton Girls BB team has a great run this season only losing one region game to Taylorsville and they've clinched the Region title. Go Bengals! They still have one game against Hillcrest, but even if they lose it won't affect their standings. The tournament starts in two weeks where they'll play either Weber or Clearfield. It'll be a tough tournament, but the girls have improved a lot so they could have a good run. Here's a phew pics of Omai at his last game against Jordan. Other than basketball, we're slowly preparing for Bailey to arrive. She's measuring a bit big, so we're thinking she'll probably be here before April. We are definitely enjoying the times when we can be lazy because in a few weeks that won't really be an option. I got a new calling and I just found out Omai got another calling--so that's two callings for me and three for Omai. We are the family history consultants, and I'm the Secretary in the Primary. Omai's a teacher in the High Priest Group and he's now team teaching the YW/YM. In addition to home and visiting teaching that's a lot of callings I'd say. Phew. We're going to be busy.