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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thank you everyone for your input and votes to help me name my Graphic Design business. Unfortunately, I haven't decided on one yet--my focus has changed somewhat. My first order of business is to design a portfolio site that will be self named. I think I'll go with Nickie Graybill | Graphic Designer. Not too catchy, but I will just be marketing myself to future employers. Then, I can focus on creating a company, which will be farther down the road. So spread the news that if anyone needs a graphic designer... I'm the woman for the job.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm sitting here at home on Monday sick with a cold. I think it has to due with a very busy Thanksgiving weekend. It was great fun though. It started off with the 3rd Annual Gravy Cup Thursday morning at the Cottonwood Heights Rec Center where Omai, Aaron and I played soccer with a bunch of Real Salt Lake fans. Everyone who played brought canned food for the Food Bank. Omai got to play first. He did a great job and got a lot of touches on the ball. Aaron and I went over to another field where they started up another game. It was really fun and Aaron almost got in a couple fights. Well, not really. It was mostly that the other guy's ego was hurt because Aaron so easily stripped the ball from him. What can you do? I didn't play too hot, but still had fun running around. Sarah and my mom brought the four kids, Taygen, Weslie, Jaxon, and Riggs. They had fun running around and petting the dogs. Nick Romando, Real's keeper, came to sign autographs and meet people. Omai and I got to shake his hand.

Here's the logo I designed for the Gravy Cup, which I still haven't found on the internet anywhere. Oh well.
Thanksgiving dinner was at my mom's house. Dan and Vicki and kids came and the food was great. We went over to the church after to play volleyball and basketball, while the kids ran around and played hockey with styrofoam noodles. We also had a game of duck, duck, goose. I think Weslie won... hands down. Man can she run!
We had our first Co-Ed soccer game Saturday afternoon at the Timp Indoor Field. Our team name is FC Express. My aunt and uncle, Corey and Amanda, are playing with us and friends from our singles ward. We only had one sub, which of course made everyone extremely tired. Our opponents weren't very considerate of the girls on our team and the game got kind of nasty a few times. Aaron showed up with about 11 minutes left to play. He scored one goal leaving us behind only by one. We tried to keep getting the ball to his feet, but unfortunately he couldn't get another one in. We lost 4-5. It was a close one. We have a pretty good team and with a few more subs, we'll be a tough team to beat.

Daylight Savings

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Here we are again... the end of another weekend. And you know what that means--back to work we go. We had a fun weekend. We saw Game Plan with Tyra and Paige and I have to say it was pretty funny. I recommend it. Probably don't pay $8.00 for it (or $7.50 for that matter), but it's a fun one for those take-it-easy Friday nights. Before the movie, we ate dinner at Iggy's and boy was it good. I got the BBQ chicken pizza, which Omai and I finished up Saturday afternoon. Paige got Blackened Bowtie and both Omai and Tyra got The Philly "With". It's Omai's favorites. Omai will be full swing into basketball starting tomorrow (Monday). It's the first day of tryouts and the start of many long days for him. He and the other coaches already have some good policies and procedures (that's corporate talk because I work at PRMI Corporate Offices and I couldn't come up with a better name for it) figured out for the girls that will really help them to be disciplined and will hopefully mold them into a pretty good team. Have Omai tell you about the 5 Commandments of Brighton Girl's Basketball. And it's daylight savings, which means that I'm not tired even though it's my bedtime. I think I'll talk to Omai about moving to Arizona. They don't have daylight savings, but I hear they have weird looking lizards of some sort. eeeek. Off to bed I go.

Island Park

Friday, October 12, 2007

All of us are here sitting on the couch watching 'What Not to Wear.' Omai's making fun of the lady's laugh, Paige is trying to get her internet to work, Chelsea's giving Colley a bath, and dad just finished attempting to wash the windows. Turns out the windows can't get any cleaner. No one here really slept last night except probably my dad--he takes drugs so he didn't hear Colley's crying or Omai's snoring. I think Paige and Chelsea got the brunt of it because I'm somewhat accustomed to Omai's nightly noises. Colley will be sleeping in the bathroom tonight, Omai will be sleeping in the car, and Paige will be consuming some of dad's drugs. I think everyone will be very happy and well rested in the morning. Our plan is to go golfing today, but the temperature has to reach 40 degrees and the green has to be thawed. We are now making an attempt at breakfast and by 'we' I mean dad. I think he's the only one that has energy after last night's adventures. He's now threatening to turn the TV to something boring to get us off the couch. Good luck. We can take boredom any day.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

We went to dinner on Friday with Angela and Lucas Sosa to Jason's Deli. We had a wonderful time becoming reaquainted with them and learning more about Lucas. He's from Argentina and they met in their single's ward. Angela's pregnant and will have her baby in May. How exciting! It seems like a lot of people are getting that itch for a baby or another baby. We are slightly in that category, but I think we'll wait for a bit. I'm actually excited to be a mommy, which is a huge contrast from a month ago when having a baby was the farthest thing from my mind. And now I can say "I'm righteous" according to Sister Beck. In conference she spoke about how every righteous woman wants to be a mother. I guess last month I wasn't righteous, but I've now changed my ways.

Too Late

Here I am at 12:35 AM and I can't sleep. Well, that's due to my three hour nap I took after work. No more naps for me I've decided. Omai had basketball practice tonight with the Brighton girls. It was a long one--about three hours. I'm very impressed with his coaching ability. He watched their games from Saturday and studied up on what he needed to coach them. He had them watch a couple plays from NCAA tourneys so they knew what they needed to do. He's so great and they are lucky to have them. We're still deciding if he's going to coach this season. I go both ways with it. I know he really loves it and the team and other coaches really need him. But then I think about how much time it will take and how it detracts from furthering his career in anything else he would want to do. But this is what makes him happy so I guess there's the answer. I will need to take up a hobby to fill my time when he's not around. There's only so clean a house can get. We are looking forward to a weekend up at Island Park, Idaho with my family. We are thinking of golfing while we're up there. That will be fun. Omai has been talking about Island Park since... ummm... last year. He's totally stoked. It'll be a good time.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tonight I had the fantastic opportunity of coaching our Young Women's Volleyball game and, oh what a time it was. I hope I give my children at least a couple ounces of athletic ability. If not, they're taking up the harmonica.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Engagement pictures. Omai's face says it all.

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