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Bloomin' Beauty

Saturday, July 25, 2009

For anyone interested, I'll have some of my jewelry in a boutique this Thursday, July 30. There will be a bunch of other vendors there with tons of great stuff. Hope you can make it.

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3 Months Old and Counting

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bailey celebrated her 3-month birthday recently and is learning all sorts of new things. She now has quite the repertoire of talents. She is going to take a moment to share some of them with you (and in no particular order):

1) I can sleep through the night (9:30 PM - 7:15 AM is the best so far). Mommy's really happy about this one. It's kind of off and on, but I'm trying. 2) I can hold my head up all by myself 3) I can swim at grandpa's pool in my new swimsuit and kick my legs

4) I suck on my hand (fist) if my binkie falls out of my mouth so my mommy doesn't have to keep putting it back in and go crazy 5) I wear size 2 diapers so I don't leak all over mommy's white skirt anymore in the middle of church

6) I love calling my daddy and talking to him while he's at work

7) I can sleep through firework celebrations so I don't cry at the loud noises

8) I love playing in the grass and sometimes I try to eat it 9) I love blowing spit bubbles, but sometimes they get away from me 10) I smile at everyone because I love it That's about it, but I'm trying new things each day. Bye Bye.

I just love being Bailey's mom. Here are a few more pictures that help capture what I get to experience each day.

Go Fourth

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We had a fun 4th of July weekend watching fireworks, the Real Game, swimming, and eating tasty food. We took Bailey swimming for the first time at my dad's house. We got her all geared up for the occasion with a new swimming suit, swim diapers, a hat, and a ladybug floater and boy did she look adorable. The weather hasn't been great so I was a little worried about the temperature of the water, but she seemed to be having fun. She was smiling and kicking and totally loved it. She even got splashed a few times by her cousins, but didn't seem to mind. Go Bailey! For Father's Day, my dad bought tickets for his son and sons-in-law to the Real Game on July 3, but Aaron and Chris couldn't make it so Tyra and I took their spots. I attempted to feed Bailey while sitting in our sits, but after a few minutes both her and I were totally sweating and completely miserable so I took off to the bathroom to finish up the job. My dad held her for the rest of game and she had a great time starring and people and gazing at all the lights. After the game there were some lame performers (sorry David Osmond) before the firework show started. Fortunately Omai got Bailey to sleep before the show started so all we had to combat was the falling debri from the sky. I don't think they planned that very well because the whole north end of the stadium were covered with ashes from the fireworks. Here's Omai with his little girl enjoying her first 4th of July and Real Game (well, she at least enjoyed her fist).

On Saturday we went to the Granite Community Fourth of July Celebration for breakfast, parade, and carnival. It was fun to see family and friends. Erin and Kena. Meagan and Grace.Lily. Nana and Papa cooking breakfast.