#navbar-iframe { height: 0px; visibility: hidden; display: none;} THE GRAYBILLS: September 2008

first annual graybill campout

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

After many failed attempts at making the First Annual Graybill Campout a reality, we finally made it happen. We found a great little spot right in the heart of Salt Lake City--Wheeler Farm. Who woulda thought... The camp spot is tucked away in the back of the property surrounded by trees and dirt. Once the sun goes down, you would never think you were just a short distance from a major road. Campfires were prohibited due to the dry weather and we only had one flashlight for the 15 of us. Thank goodness for technology because we were able to find our way around nicely with the light from our cells phones. Garrett, Omai's nephew, Omai, and I decided to really rough it and slept out under the stars to enjoy the beautiful night sky. We all woke up early to the sound of roosters and enjoyed a hearty Mountain Man breakfast prepared by the boys. In addition to the flashlights, we forgot a few more vital things including matches, salt and pepper, and ketchup, but we still ate well and so did our neighbors--a swarm of bees. As soon as the bees were awake and caught a wiff of our delicious breakfast, they wanted to take part too. Most of us had already eaten by the time the bees started to stir, but Dion, Omai's dad, was intent on cleaning the grill before eating his breakfast. He battled the bees for a while and was determined to kill them all before he gave up and just tossed his plate of food. We had a great time and look forward to the 2nd Graybill Campout. Morning Oms. Omai and Gracie ready for breakfast. The sisters-in-law. Good morning Colt.

The cooks.

Colton enjoying cookies for breakfast.

Good morning Lils. Love the hair!

lake powell in september

Friday, September 5, 2008

We got to go to Lake Powell again for our last summer hurrah and we had a great time. Omai had to work so it was just me representing the Graybill clan. This trip was a little different in that all five of my neices and nephews were part of the mix (three 2-year olds, and two 3-year olds). Needless to say, the trip was all about life jackets, sun screen, and tantrums. What could be better?... It was a fun trip despite being woken up while the stars were still out with no sun rays to be seen--but who needs more than 5 hours of sleep anyways? I guess it was a little training for me and what being a parent really entails.

The five neices and nephews on a hike. Riggs testing out the stairs again--the first time he went down them he did a face plant at the bottom. They can be a doosy. Colley, the Fearless One!