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Murder Mystery Dinner

Monday, December 7, 2009

The YW and YM in our ward had a Super Hero Murder Mystery Dinner and we all got to take part. It was really fun to make the costumes and get all ready for the night. I was Poetica - a crafter of clever words and phrases; Bailey was Princess Power Girl - creator of cuteness and adorableness; Omai was Light Boy - harnesses the paralyzing power of light. Omai came up with his own introduction that wowed the crowd. You'll have to ask him to play it for you. He wrote it himself.

Lil Stinker

(Just trying to catch up on recent events)

Bailey's first Halloween was really fun and she was completely adorable as a Lil' Stinker. She didn't particularly enjoy the costume but it was fun to show her off. We went to the Granite Ward on Friday for their Halloween party and got to see some old friends and catch up.

Here are some pictures of Bailey's photo shoot.

On Saturday, Omai and I went to the Real game with Paige and a friend. They played Columbus Crew and won in the final minute. We headed back to the Graybills for yummy food and games.