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Our Little World

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Throughout each day as Bailey and I experience our lives together in our small part of the world, I feel like I'm watching little miracles happen all the time--many times a couple in every hour. And I think to myself, "Wow, this kid is amazing! I should do something like document it or something." I hate my hand writing first of all, and writing takes too long for me so I have a hard time wanting to pull out my journal to write anything down. I also think to myself, no one wants to read about another little baby saying goo goo ga ga all day. Well, I've decided I don't care, and I'm going to document away and tell you of a couple little miracles that happened today.

Bailey has decided she wants to be put in the "picky eater" category so we have a small battle on our hands at least three times a day. Today, I had tried giving her everything I could think of and she wouldn't eat anything so I washed my hands of breakfast and called it quits for the morning. After breakfast, she was "helping" me load the dishwasher (but in order to help me load it, she first has to take everything out) and I just wanted to get the job done so I needed a distraction. Food! I thought. Well, there are two sure-fire things Bailey will eat--no matter what; grapes and oranges. Turns out I had grapes so I put a bunch on a small plate and set them on a little table that is just her height. When she was done, she, of course, threw the plate on the ground and commenced "helping" me load the dishwasher. I asked her to pick up the plate so we could put in the dishwasher. She cautiously walked from the dishwasher, to the table, and leaned down to pick up the plate, which she couldn't quite reach without letting go of the table. She figured as much, so she sat on the ground and crawled over to the plate, picked it up, and hefted it onto the table. Then she pulled herself up to the table, picked up the plate again, and handed it to me so I could put it in the dishwasher. Ta da! Do I have the smartest baby in the world or do I have the smartest baby in the world!?! I picked her up and gave her a big hug as we squealed together and practiced giving kisses on the cheeks.

Well, lunch time came around and what does lunch time mean?--eatin' time, right?... Well, Bailey didn't get the memo because she was not having it. I put her down from her high chair again having lost yet another meal-time battle and Omai and I decided we were going to play this game the Nana Graybill way--no snacks, treats, or anything in between for Bailey. About an hour later, she started to get fussy and my first thought was that she was tired, but then remembered she hadn't really had anything substantial to eat all day and decided to try my luck at feeding her some mashed potatoes and turkey. And ta da again, she downed probably 2 cups of potatoes and turkey with a little cheese mixed in. Now, this probably doesn't seem like anything, but remember that Bailey has decided to be a picky eater and everything I have tried giving her the last week she has adimately refused. I've even tried holding her down to force a bite of food into her mouth hoping that after one little taste she'll realize that food is a good thing and that she should eat it. I think a part of me is so worried that our next Dr.'s appointment will be similar to Bailey's 12-month appointment (me leaving in tears because the Dr. says my baby's malnourished) that I've realized I'm constantly trying to get her to eat--whatever she'll put in her mouth. I even had a dream/nightmare that Bailey barely gained a pound when we weighed her at the Dr.'s office weighing only 20.4 lbs. The Dr. was worried and questioned if I was feeding her. Ahhh... Breathe. She is finally growing out of her 9-month clothes so that must mean I'm doing something right. So today's turkey and potatoes with a little cheese on top is a little miracle in my small part of the world.

And just because I'm a visual person and like seeing pictures with my narratives, here are a few pictures I took of my little picky eater with a photo contest in mind entitled, "Yellow" (that I never entered).

And here's the shot I was patiently waiting for, yellow tongue and all...

Island Park with the Graybills

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This year for our Annual Graybill Campout we went to Island Park for a couple days. There's nothing like roughing it with a soft bed, running water, refrigerator, and hot tub. The downfall was that half the family couldn't get off work to make the trip. We headed out Tuesday morning but had a slight delay as we met up with the whole group. Erin was following Keri and Maryanne and the kids in Keri's Subaru to The CAD Store and got rear-ended by a ReddiIce truck. Erin was okay and so was the car for the most part, but we had to make some phone calls to get things squared away to cover any damage to the car. It wasn't the greatest start to the trip, but our spirits were quickly renewed and we were off.

Bailey's Road Trip

About a year and half ago, Dion was working on a project in Rexburg and discovered a delectible little pizza joint called Craigo's. It was all Omai and the kids could do from salivating at any mention of pizza--they had the opportunity to taste of Craigo's goodness last year and couldn't wait for another visit. When we got there, we all filed into a little room off the kitchen and had our way with the pizza buffet. And it was, as Paige would say, DELISH! There were about eight different kinds of pizza, a pasta bar, a salad bar, and my favorite (and I think everyone else's too), a dessert pizza buffet. It was fantastic! (And as a side note, they have fabulous canned Mandarin Oranges, which is all Bailey would eat.) After stuffing ourselves to the gills, we were off.

When we got to Island Park the first thing all of us noticed were the mosquitos. My family usually goes there in the fall so summertime at The Pines was new to me and I thought we were going to be eaten alive. Keri quickly ran to the store to get bug repellant for all and I don't think any of us got bitten. Phew. Like I said, experiencing Island Park in the summer was new to me and the word I would use to describe the scenery is BREATHTAKING! The foliage was so thick and green and it covered the hills and mountains for miles. In this part of Idaho there is mostly just flat fields and rolling hills so you can see for miles and miles and the green goes on for miles and miles. It's incredible.

On Wednesay we drove into Yellowstone and had a delightful time. On the way into the park, we stopped to see the Buffalo, and man, are they big.

Buffalo Photobucket

For lunch we stopped by a little stream and were pleasantly surprised at the beauty and tranquility of our surroundings. Here's Bailey with her daddy enjoying the scenery and lunch.


Here was our view from the picnic table.


(And I think we saw Oprah's boyfriend Steadman there in his fishing garb. We aren't 100% sure, but Erin, Keri and I all think it was him. We should've taken a picture darnit :)) But just so you can get a visual of our experience...

After lunch we drove into Fire Hole Canyon to see the falls.

Fire Canyon Falls Photobucket

Then we were off to see Old Faithful.

Old Faithful Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

On the way home, Omai took us along the scenic by-way to Mesa Falls. Once again, it was a breathtaking site.

This was the view from the ledge of the falls.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The view from the walkway was a little scary when you looked down to the sheer cliffs and tumultuous water below.


On the way home, we stopped at Craigo's again to make ourselves sick on the pizza buffet. Yum Yum. Then we headed over to a carousel for a couple rides on the ponys. Bailey LOVED it! This is my favorite picture of the trip.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Thanks everyone for a fun vacation.

Bear Lake Half Marathon [plus] Food Poisoning [equals] My Weekend

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Let me just start by saying that this image doesn't represent my weekend entirely, only what could've been.

My whole family traveled up to Bear Lake to support Tyra and Paige as they ran the Bear Lake Half Marathon on June 12th. They had been training for a few months and were excited for their first long race. I decided to join them in the race but, however, was too lazy to train for it and too poor to pay for it. I thought I would just see how I could do. My big mistake was to have my celebration meal (an Arctic Circle #8) the day before the race rather than after. I felt fine until 6:00 AM the day of the race, but then my stomach started to turn flips and I felt horrible. Needless to say, there definitely weren't enough green John's along the route. My family met us along the route at quite a few places and I kept thinking how nice it would be to call it quits, jump in the van, and be out of my misery. I was determined to finish what I was already 6 miles into though. At about mile 10 my whole body was done, but I just kept thinking that if I just keep going it will all be over eventually, I can get my half of a banana, my cookie and be on my way. After the race it took a while for the family to load up and get back to our hotel and by then I wanted death to take me. No such luck.

The rest of the day was very unfun. I got stuck in a traffic jam 15 minutes from home and thought someone was playing a very cruel joke. After the traffic cleared, I had to throw up in an empty cinnamon bear bag while driving down the freeway at 65 miles an hour. I finally made it home, got all cleaned up, and took a three hour, but very unrestful nap. Omai had Bailey at the Graybills so I had the house to myself to re-cooperate and completely veg. I got to finish the second season of Chuck and also started the third. I probably spent a total of five hours on the couch watching TV and it was awesome. I didn't even feel guilty. I feel much better today and have decided to lay off the AC and train for half marathons.

Moab or Bust

Saturday, June 12, 2010

For Memorial Day weekend we planned to do something a little different and exciting--leave the city and head south to Moab. We were going to meet Riki and Erin and kids there for a few days of low-key hiking, swimming, eating, and we hoped a little bit of sleeping. In preparation, Omai took his car to get the oil changed and we were off.

We were passing through American Fork when the 'STOP' light came on in the car that told us there was a problem with the Oil Pressure. We pulled over and Omai checked the oil and made a call to Burt Brothers to determine if we needed to pull over or if we could keep going. They told us that the problem was probably linked to a thermostat issue and that we were okay to keep driving. We stopped again in Spanish Fork to talk to a mechanic because we were still having the same warning and we were nervous to keep going. They said that we were good to continue as long as the engine sounded okay. While we were there, I decided to take Bailey out of the car and realized she had a poopy diaper. She hadn't pooped in a day so this diaper was rather large to say the least. It had gotten all over her clothes and made a total mess. Omai wasn't too thrilled with another "disaster" but I just had to laugh at our terrible misfortune. All of Bailey's clothes were in the trunk that had a bike rack strapped to it so we had to stop at K-Mart to grab her a change of clothes. We got her all cleaned up and with a go-ahead from an expert mechanic we thought it would be smooth sailing for the next three hours.

We made it as far as Spanish Fork Canyon. The car started to make some strange noises so we pulled over to check it out again. Construction was being done on the railroad track through the canyon and a few of the workers stopped to see if they could see what the problem was with our car. They couldn't detect any problems, but we decided we'd pushed our luck far enough and turned around to take the car to get fixed. We barely made it out of the canyon when the car sounded like it was going to blow up and it smelled like it was burning. We called a tow truck and decided our big adventure down south was over.

We decided to make the best of the next hour while we waited for the tow truck and my dad to bring us a car to get back home.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I have been wanting to take pictures on a railroad track. I got my chance.

When we got home I was pretty bummed that our trip fell through and we still had a whole 3-day weekend in front of us with no plans. Saturday morning we decided to run a 5k that our Stake put on. It was nice to get out and see friends and enjoy the cool air even though I was more in the mood to get a nice sunburn while hiking to Delicate Arch.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Saturday night we had some friends and family over for a BBQ. The weather was a bit chilly so we took the party inside and chatted and watched the Real game--well, Omai watched the Real game while everyone else talked.

Monday we went hiking and rock climbing with Chelsea and Chris, Paige, and kids. Our "hike" turned out to be a less than desirable. We went up to Silver Lake that was completely covered with snow. Everyone had worn sandles and shorts so we didn't make it very far along the trail. Omai had some bad luck and fell through the snow right on the edge of the boardwalk and hurt his leg pretty bad so after a short photo shoot we were done and piled back into the cars. On the way back down the canyon, Licy got car sick and threw up. We made the best of the break and ate lunch while we quizzed each other on Lost trivia. That was probably the highlight for me.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Once our bellies were full and Licy was clean, we piled in the cars again and went rock climbing. Well, Chris went rock climbing to secure a rope for Colley so we could get this sweet video of her. The rest of us chilled and took turns wrestling the babies and tried to keep them from disturbing all the other climbers who were there, I'm sure, to enjoy the quiet sounds of nature. We weren't helping.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
And we know how Paige loves her close-ups.
After Colley was done, so were the little girls and we headed home for naps.

The End