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Playing in the Snow

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It snowed for the first time about a week ago. When I woke Bailey up I told her to go look outside to see what was on the ground. When she saw the snow she was ecstatic and said, "Mom, now we get to go skiing." (We've been talking about going skiing for quite a while.) The snow melted before we went to play in it so the next time it snowed we took Bailey out to play and she LOVED it! She was throwing snow on herself and rolling around in it. It was fun to watch. Then Omai wanted to join in the fun and thought it would be cool if we buried him in the snow. I reminded him that it wasn't sand, but that didn't deter him. So Bailey and I commenced burying him with snow. When I went back inside to grab my camera he was telling me to hurry because Bailey got a little excited and started to throw snow on his face. Well, he wasn't loving that--we hurried to get his picture and he scrambled out of the snow to try and warm up. The snow fight continued more by Bailey than us, but Omai was a good sport to get snow thrown at him.