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Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm sitting here at home on Monday sick with a cold. I think it has to due with a very busy Thanksgiving weekend. It was great fun though. It started off with the 3rd Annual Gravy Cup Thursday morning at the Cottonwood Heights Rec Center where Omai, Aaron and I played soccer with a bunch of Real Salt Lake fans. Everyone who played brought canned food for the Food Bank. Omai got to play first. He did a great job and got a lot of touches on the ball. Aaron and I went over to another field where they started up another game. It was really fun and Aaron almost got in a couple fights. Well, not really. It was mostly that the other guy's ego was hurt because Aaron so easily stripped the ball from him. What can you do? I didn't play too hot, but still had fun running around. Sarah and my mom brought the four kids, Taygen, Weslie, Jaxon, and Riggs. They had fun running around and petting the dogs. Nick Romando, Real's keeper, came to sign autographs and meet people. Omai and I got to shake his hand.

Here's the logo I designed for the Gravy Cup, which I still haven't found on the internet anywhere. Oh well.
Thanksgiving dinner was at my mom's house. Dan and Vicki and kids came and the food was great. We went over to the church after to play volleyball and basketball, while the kids ran around and played hockey with styrofoam noodles. We also had a game of duck, duck, goose. I think Weslie won... hands down. Man can she run!
We had our first Co-Ed soccer game Saturday afternoon at the Timp Indoor Field. Our team name is FC Express. My aunt and uncle, Corey and Amanda, are playing with us and friends from our singles ward. We only had one sub, which of course made everyone extremely tired. Our opponents weren't very considerate of the girls on our team and the game got kind of nasty a few times. Aaron showed up with about 11 minutes left to play. He scored one goal leaving us behind only by one. We tried to keep getting the ball to his feet, but unfortunately he couldn't get another one in. We lost 4-5. It was a close one. We have a pretty good team and with a few more subs, we'll be a tough team to beat.

Daylight Savings

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Here we are again... the end of another weekend. And you know what that means--back to work we go. We had a fun weekend. We saw Game Plan with Tyra and Paige and I have to say it was pretty funny. I recommend it. Probably don't pay $8.00 for it (or $7.50 for that matter), but it's a fun one for those take-it-easy Friday nights. Before the movie, we ate dinner at Iggy's and boy was it good. I got the BBQ chicken pizza, which Omai and I finished up Saturday afternoon. Paige got Blackened Bowtie and both Omai and Tyra got The Philly "With". It's Omai's favorites. Omai will be full swing into basketball starting tomorrow (Monday). It's the first day of tryouts and the start of many long days for him. He and the other coaches already have some good policies and procedures (that's corporate talk because I work at PRMI Corporate Offices and I couldn't come up with a better name for it) figured out for the girls that will really help them to be disciplined and will hopefully mold them into a pretty good team. Have Omai tell you about the 5 Commandments of Brighton Girl's Basketball. And it's daylight savings, which means that I'm not tired even though it's my bedtime. I think I'll talk to Omai about moving to Arizona. They don't have daylight savings, but I hear they have weird looking lizards of some sort. eeeek. Off to bed I go.