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I'm So Mean

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today was one of those days that all hope of patient parenting was out the window by noon. I thought I had arranged a totally great day for Bailey (and myself) by setting up, not one, but two playdates so she could have tons o' fun with her friends and I could get work done and maybe relax for a moment. I also thought that she would be having so much fun that we could forego naptime and try to get her to bed before 10 PM. Well, the arrangements started great, but when I went to get her from her first playdate she of course refused to leave, became a limp fish when I tried to pick her up, and then punched me in the face as we walked home. (And yes, it was a balled up fist to my left jaw so "punch" is a great word to describe it).

When we got home she was put in time out, didn't stay, and my moment to relax was completely thwarted. I fed her lunch, which helped the whining subside for a while and then it was off to the next playdate. When I picked her up again, she did the limp fish thing again, but fortunately this time, no punching.

I decided to wash my car with some inspiration from the neighbors and Bailey proceeded to drench herself in cold, soapy water. For the most part she was happy until the chill set in. Once I got her all clean and warm I remembered my plan to put her to bed early. I got her all ready for bed and read stories, but as soon as I left her room she started crying (this has become a nightly ritual). I was so done with her that I closed her door and locked myself in my room--yes, I had to lock the door. She sat outside my door for about a half hour crying then finally, quiet. I thought she had probably wandered back to her room to go to sleep, but when I opened the door, there she was--curled up in a little ball asleep on the floor. I'm so mean! I carried her to bed and within 5 minutes she was up and crying again, which has been the soundtrack to this blog entry. Oh, the joy of parenting.


Team Beardshall said...

Oh boy....I hate to laugh but I'm gonna have to now, because that is how it goes sometimes! I'm glad Steve could inspire you to wash your car. I have tried numerous times to put katy to bed early but it never goes how I expect it will. Also Katy does that with the crying at night saying that she is scared, or I need a drink, I need to go to the bathroom, where is my favorite toy...etc. I've tried several things but mostly if I tell her that I am going to take her blanket if she gets up that works....I guess I'm a mean mom too! Keep on keepin on!

Heather said...

haha. I have to laugh, because that sounds like the way things go at our house. I should try locking myself in my room. Seriously, that's a great idea! :)

Heather said...

Welcome to the mean mom club. I am told by my 6 year old at least weekly that I am the meanest mom there is. It makes me laugh, there are so many things that I could do that would be way worse that what she thinks is mean. I've never had my kids fall asleep at the bottom of my door, but they have fallen asleep on the other side of their door, and I've learned to cover them up and leave them there. It's not going to hurt them. Hope you have a better week than you had a day.